19 August 2008

RELV Reliv Celebrates 20th Anniversary With More Than 4,300 Distributors

Trading Markets
Reliv International, Inc. celebrated its 20th anniversary at its annual international conference here this weekend. The conference theme was "Cheers to 20 Years," and Reliv distributors from nine countries participated.

Highlights of the conference included:

* The announcement of a new automatic shipment program designed to improve customer retention and increase sales.
* A one-mile walk/5-K run involving more than 3,400 Reliv distributors that raised $68,000 for the Reliv Kalogris Foundation. The foundation provides free nutritional supplements to more than 42,000 people at more than 270 feeding centers. Separately from the walk/run event, the Reliv Foundation raised an additional $10,000.
* Recognition for hundreds of distributors' accomplishments over the last 12 months, including the announcement of winners of incentive trips.


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