29 August 2008

Seventh International Phytochemical Conference Focuses on Health Promotion and Therapeutic Potential

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The Seventh International Phytochemical Conference, "Phytochemicals: Health Promotion and Therapeutic Potential", highlights the most current research on phytonutrients and their impact on a variety of chronic conditions. The conference is sponsored by the Nutrilite Health Institute and the Department of Human Nutrition and Food Science in the College of Agriculture at California State Polytechnic University (CSPU). It will be held Oct. 20-21, 2008, at the Nutrilite Health Institute's (NHI) Center for Optimal Health in Buena Park, Calif.

An international roster of recognized scientists will present a wide range of topics around phytonutrients including skin health, bone and joint health, brain health, obesity and metabolism, as well as cancer and vascular function.

"There is increasing evidence that certain phytochemicals may reduce an individual's risk for chronic disease", says Audra Davies, Director of Nutrition Product Development. "While there has long been an abundance of evidence that higher intakes of fruits and vegetables are associated with lower risks for chronic disease, specific mechanisms for these relationships have been more difficult to explain. This conference will provide a better understanding of these relationships, and will facilitate discussions that may serve to inspire important future research

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