06 February 2008

E-commerce: Amway's Online Optimism

Warsaw Business Journal Online:
"Poland has vast potential for growth in e-commerce, but investment in infrastructure and logistics are imperative, says Marek Sodolski, general manager of Amway Polska

Konrad KiedrzyƄski: We hear voices of optimism and enthusiasm in the e-commerce branch, but is the picture really so rosy? What challenges does the sector face, both worldwide and in Poland?

Marek Sodolski: I am generally optimistic about e-commerce, including in Poland. Given the 30 percent [broadband] penetration in Polish society, the share of online transactions in our sales in Poland reaches 80 percent - a higher ratio than in the US. In addition, many 'traditional' companies are increasing their percentage of e-business activity in their operations."

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