03 February 2008

New rule to help IBOs sell more products

Quixtar Ada-tudes:
"The change, effective March 1, 2008, will allow IBOs to sell some Quixtar exclusive brands at temporary health or beauty shows or expos and certain kinds of sporting events. Up 'til now, we have approved booths for IBOs who wanted to display and maybe let customers sample some products, but we've never allowed the actual sale of the products. Now, at many events, the display and sale will be allowed. Imagine that! The already existing Booth Rule will stay in effect for other kinds of events where we will continue to allow display-only.

The displays will need to be set up in accordance with Quixtar guidelines and with prior written authorization (we're asking for 30 days' notice) from Quixtar's rules department. We will provide supporting merchandising material on a CD, so IBOs can print off their own, pre-authorized signage or handouts."


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