03 February 2008

This Super Bowl Reap the Benefits of Beer Without the Belly

"Super Bowl Sunday could well be called 'National Beer Day.' In the weeks leading up to the annual football final, the sale of brew jumps 15 percent with an estimated $12 million spent on beer for consumption during the game. As fans enjoy the world's oldest and most popular alcoholic beverage, most would be surprised to learn that they may also be improving their health by drinking one of the most potent dietary antioxidants known to science -- Xanthohumol, a naturally occurring flavonoid found in hops.

Researchers at Oregon State University, working with micronutrients found in the flower of the hops plant, isolated this single molecule capable of dramatically reducing an individual's level of oxidative stress. More recent studies by scientists suggest that Xanthohumol may block enzymes that trigger harmful biochemical processes, resulting in a healthier life. Scientists have begun expanding their research, testing the effect of antioxidants such as Xanthohumol on different types of cells, and are seeing the benefits of antioxidants at a new level."


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