28 January 2008

XELR8 Holdings, Inc. Retains Wolfe Axelrod Weinberger Associates LLC

CNN Money:
"XELR8 Holdings, Inc. , a provider of functional foods, beverages and nutritional supplements, today announced that it has retained Wolfe Axelrod Weinberger Associates LLC as its investor relations counsel to communicate its strategic goals and business opportunities in order to increase investor awareness and thereby enhance shareholder value.

Mr. John Pougnet, CEO, stated, 'XELR8 Holdings, Inc.'s Board of Directors believes that now is the appropriate time for XELR8 to more aggressively inform investors of the Company's powerful growth story as acceptance of the nutritional benefits of Bazi(TM), our powerful, antioxidant, all natural, eight-fruit drink, gains increased consumer recognition and greater sales. After an extended search we have selected Wolfe Axelrod Weinberger Associates LLC to assist us in expanding our investor relations activities. Wolfe Axelrod Weinberger Associates LLC, a focused, successful investor relations agency, has extensive experience working with emerging growth and microcap companies and a broad network of investment contacts who are seeking new attractive investment opportunities. We are looking forward to working with its team to gain increased investor support and market liquidity and, foremost, improvement of shareholder value.'"


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