26 January 2008

Company Profile: Gano Excel

Corporate Web -
In a part of the world where herbal wellness formulations are a normal part of an educated life and Network Marketing is not only understood but ingrained in the economic climate of every progressive nation, it has been a paragon of excellence since 1995. Today, Gano Excel is already a global wellness colossus. As part of its global expansion plan to be in 100 countries in 10 years, Gano Excel is already present in more than 40 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and North America.

It has done so with a kind of compelling integrity that quickly becomes the stuff of industry legend.

Right now the numbers add up for what is certain to be the "next big thing" in the health and wellness industry. A successful track record, a very solid debt-free financial substructure, management that offers the perfect synergy of business acumen and product expertise, a product line that is both original and professionally respected, and a dynamic growth curve that spells WINNER in capital letters in all markets where it now exists - Gano Excel has, according to most industry experts, assembled all the right ingredients to become the next global direct sales juggernaut.

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