22 January 2008

Company Profile: Freedom Rocks

Looking for something a little different?

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Because of the power of the FreedomRocks Investment Strategy and some unique characteristics of our compensation plan, we have developed a business opportunity structured for success. Some of the other unique features include:

* An extremely high customer retention rate due to the success of our revolutionary Investment Strategy product
* You cannot buy your way into a higher representative level within FreedomRocks
* No back-end requirements to prevent you from getting paid
* FreedomRocks is a completely computer-based company and therefore can grow by a factor of 10 or even 100, almost overnight
* We feature a virtual product, so geographic boundaries are a thing of the past
* And finally, since we don’t need to pay for the development, manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, or shipping of products; our compensation plan pays out up to an unprecedented 90% of the income we receive each month back to our representatives. No other program even comes close.

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