19 January 2008

USANA Health Sciences Recognized as a Founding Reporter of The Climate Registry

Business Wire:
"USANA Health Sciences, Inc. announced today that it has become a Founding Reporter of The Climate Registry. The Climate Registry is a non-profit organization established to measure and publicly report greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in a common, accurate and transparent manner consistent across industry sectors and borders. Thirty-nine U.S. states, including Utah, five Canadian provinces, three Native American tribes, two Mexican states, and the District of Columbia are the founders of the organization.

A forerunner in the health and wellness industry, USANA has demonstrated environmental stewardship on several fronts by voluntarily committing to measure, independently verify and publicly report their GHG emissions on an annual basis. USANA has also committed to implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) that is a model for the industry. They promote energy efficiency in the design and operation of their facilities, manufacturing systems, and shipping operations. The corporate headquarters is xeriscaped and there have been and they are continuing to add many environmentally friendly updates to their buildings including solar panels."

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