03 February 2008

Doctor Creates a Chocolate that Encourages Mood Elevation and Weight Loss

MMD Newswire:
"Isagenix, a five year, $500 Million company has helped 250,000 cleanse, lose weight and inches and is introducing, IsaDelight, a new delicious, mood enhancing dark chocolate that has only 40 calories and 4 grams of fat. There is also a $100,000 contest split between 10 people who lose the most weight.

Dr. Paul Anderson, specialist in pain management, mood and depression took two years to create Isa Delight. He says, “Our amino acid blend includes diphenyalanine which encourages natural production of mood-elevating brain chemicals. In addition, these amino acids help: Support long-term brain health, help improves energy, curbs hunger, promote calm, supports mental focus, and may help you lose weight. The results have been astounding.”"


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