21 November 2007

Press Release: Envirotech

Triton-Megayacht News:
"Tennessee-based EcoQuest International announces the introduction of the Ecobox, its all-new, compact air purifier, featuring a new technology that is known as “ActivePure.” Kansas State University laboratory testing has proven that this technology reduces mold, mildew, bacteria (including Methycillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus [MRSA] bacteria) and viruses on inoculated surfaces by more than 99 percent within 24 hours. This has enormous implications for reducing exposure to allergens and infection-causing germs.

The Ecobox Active Pure technology operates 'outside of its box', eliminating dust, smoke and odor from the air, while cleansing surfaces in up to 1,500 square feet of coverage area. The Ecobox may also be used in small homes, condos, apartments, offices, aircraft or other HVAC spaces."



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