19 November 2007

AkaRED choses Dream Team for associate training

"The MLM industry has always focused on presenting the opportunity or 'pitching the sizzle not the steak' leading to a failure rate of more than 95 percent because the average MLM distributor can't perpetuate this hype. akaRED (http://www.akared.com), a new Tempe, AZ-based MLM company, has decided to change that forever by being the first to contract with a training company that is setting the MLM world on fire because it's training teaches the bottom to become the top.

'It just made sense. We produce a proprietary Super Functional Health beverage that is revolutionary in its' nutrient delivery and we wanted to offer training to our reps that allowed them to achieve equally revolutionary results,' says Steve Luke, founder of akaRED. 'The Dream Team is the first product based marketing training aimed solely at the success of the individual rather than techniques commonly taught that serve the company first. We believe in our reps and we believe in our product.'"


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