18 November 2007

You are Being Lied to...And It's Costing You a Fortune Online

Article Nexus:
"Network marketing is tough and challenging especially when getting new leads. This is as the individual can only make more money by finding the right people who will exert the same amount of effort as one did to produce sales.

Some people believe that in order to get leads, one should have to pay a firm to get more clientele. A lot of these can be found in the internet who have served a number of clients offering services for debts, mortgage, surveys, interviews and investments to name a few.

The question then is how much does the person get back for paying a sum of money? The answer to that is very few. This is because even if the firm is able to give a hundred leads, there is not guarantee that the potential customer or recruit will buy the product or service offered by the person. "


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