16 November 2007

Joint memo from Quixtar and Network 21

Quixtar :
"The leadership at Network 21 continues to work with Quixtar to assure proper principles are followed when building our businesses. With the recent buzz over the term “stacking,” as opposed to proper depth-building, we felt it wise to again provide clarification on the differences between the two as well as some basic guidelines to follow as you build your business. Below is the latest position from Quixtar, and we believe you will find that what you have been taught, if followed, will lead to acceptable practices and a sound, profitable business.

Guidelines for acceptable business-building using a team/depth approach

“Stacking” is an unacceptable business-building practice. It is defined as the strategic and artificial structuring of an organization by an upline IBO who places new IBOs in depth, regardless of whether there are relationships between those who are sponsored and those who sponsor. It is a method of doing business that creates an imbalance in depth and potentially inhibits profitability."



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