15 November 2007

While many wonder others grow

HW Closeup :
"Today Shaklee is the No. 1 Health and wellness company in the U.S. I feel so proud and excited to be able to claim that fact. As a distributor, I’m at the beginning of what could be a great organization, my organization. Last night I watched the 50th Anniversary DVD that took place last year and it was so empowering. One thing that really got my attention and kind of made me silent with respect and amazement is this: The Shaklee organization cares about people of all backgrounds. That sounds a bit generalized, but it is a statement backed up by action. In the DVD you can hear Dr. Shaklee saying “we can offer you this opportunity. We are proud of the quality of these products, but you can’t just believe in the products or the compensation. You have to believe in yourself.” "


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