13 November 2007

Company Profile: Zenza Life Sciences

Here's one of the newer, quieter companies that have emerged somewhat recently. I was reminded about Zenza Life Sciences today while reading my current issue of Home Business Connection magazine. Here's a clip from the company site explaining the vision for the company.

Corporate Site
"All companies have a culture. This culture is created by its people, its products, its mission, its vision. We call this culture SPIRIT. The spirit of ZenzaTM breathes with intense passion and devotion to provide our members with a unique platform to make their dreams a reality.

ZenzaTM creates exclusive life-changing products at competitive prices. We provide an environment of self discovery that allows our DreamBuilders to share these products with others while enriching their lives with better health, wealth, personal growth, and happiness.

Our support systems are dynamic, simple, and duplicatable for the average person to maximize their chance for success. Most importantly, we actively bring fun, relationships, and a friendly atmosphere back into business... the way it should be."

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