13 November 2007

A New Makeover for an Old Retail Face

US News and World Report:
"Andrea Jung learned the hard way that it isn't easy being CEO of the world's largest organization. Running a network of 5.5 million people, most of whom are independent sales representatives, the head of Avon Products says, 'I feel enormously responsible not to let down the people. The CEO's job is lonely and getting ever more difficult. When you take it to heart, it becomes your life, not just a job.'

Jung learned just how difficult in the fall of 2005. After Avon had experienced five years of double-digit growth, Jung, 49, faced the greatest challenge of her career: With the company's revenue growth slowing to 5 percent, earnings went flat, and the stock market pounded down the stock price more than 30 percent. Jung was stung by an avalanche of criticism from analysts."



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