11 November 2007

Cutting Edge Media Ready to Launch New Magazine for Entrepreneurs

eMedia Wire:
"Cutting Edge Media, the nation's home business experts, is gearing up for the unveiling of their newest publication. The premiere issue of True Wealth, 'Your Guide to Starting a Profitable Business,' will be published in February 2008.

True Wealth will provide information on direct sales, franchises, and home-based business opportunities, while promoting the idea of creating wealth in many areas of life--through quality time with family, a more relaxed schedule, and real financial freedom.

'True Wealth is designed to reach serious-minded prospects who are actively pursuing a business opportunity--and a better life,' says Bridey Orth, Editor-in-Chief. 'For those who are recruiting for an opportunity, True Wealth is a wonderful marketing tool and a way to put your business in front of people who are truly interested.'"

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