15 November 2007

MonaVie- a Freakin' Religion?

Sports Drinks, Juices, Energy Drinks:
"Attention network marketers! You know who you are. You know this business, and you have attended an opportunity meeting or two. The other day, in the middle of an opportunity meeting for MonaVie’s Acaiberry drink. I stepped back and just watched. I saw the confident expressions on all the willing participant faces. Their emphatic applause imparted the hope that one day they would succeed. Hope that one day they would earn an income enabling their dreams to come true. In this relentless pursuit to self-reliance, I wondered how much money they spend, how much energy and faith exert, and how much time they spend for their network marketing careers.

The numbers do not lie. The vast majority of network marketing ventures end in failure (much like any business venture). However, few businesses create a following where meetings are more like religious revivals than training meetings. This MonaVie meeting was excellent. The speaker, an attractive master at his craft, could say no wrong. The faithful applauded loudly, hanging on his every word. He is the living epitome of success, and all watching apparently wanting to emulate him."


Blogger Lane said...

I agree with the author of this article, to a point. It IS true that most MLM’ers use meetings as their bread and butter to bring people into their business. I also agree that the vast majority of network marketing ventures FAIL. What the author failed to point out, though, is that it is the very system of trying to set up meetings that is causing much of the failure.

The simple fact is, MOST people are not interested in a network marketing venture, regardless of how optimistic you are about your company’s future. You can show them all the videos and powerpoint presentations you’d like; they are not in a place in their life where any of it really makes sense for them. So, most network marketers approach anyone and everyone to try to locate the few that ARE looking for an opportunity.

Think about what I just said there. THEY are looking for an opportunity. So, why spin your wheels weeding out all the people that AREN’T? Most network marketers fail because they become frutrated with the overwhelming number of ‘no’s they need to hear between each ‘yes’.

In this day and age the internet has given us all the ability to find what we seek much more easily. There are millions of people online every day wanting to find a better way; a better life.

I have found a system that teaches network marketers how to have those people who are looking find THEM, and it is a revolutionary new approach to this business. The best news is that you can now do VERY well in network marketing, and you no longer have to convince your friends, family and co-workers that they are missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime. And you can give up the weekly meetings, too.

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