16 November 2007

Company Profile: Sunshine Empire International

Corporate Website
"WWW=World Wide Web=World Wide WEALTH"!

Indeed, the advent of the internet and the advancement in technology has brought about a new era. Times have changed...it is the internet age now.

Firstly, traditional business models are now facing the fate of being obsolete and being replaced by new generation innovations.

In the very words of Bill Gates:"Either you are in the internet business, or you'll be out of business."

Secondly, in an increasingly globalize world, factors such as capital, demand and supply, human resource talents have evolved and face more competitive challenges. Physical territorial differences are now virtually diminished, creating a new world of opportunities, but on the flip-side, unparalleled competition.

This company does not operate in North America or Europe. I was driven to explore this company due to a recent post where the author states that Sunshine Empire is NOT MLM. Odd that the corporate web site notes that it's mission to become a premier Network Marketing company. Isn't the difference between Network Marketing and MLM purely semantics?

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