17 November 2007

Emerald Passport is Expanding in your Area

PR-USA.net :
"I get a lot of calls from people that ask me what makes a great business model and what should one look for when looking at all these companies out there. I think product is the main issue. If you are not marketing a product that you see value in or enjoy then the business probably isn't going to work with you. I think you also need to be involved in a Direct Sales model that markets high end products that have high profit margins. I firmly believe it is just as easy to sell at $1500 product than to sell a $50 product. The key is you must convey value. I think MLM is very hard to make a six figure income with. But it can be done, it just isn't for me. You need a down line of usually thousands to make it work. I also tell people to AVOID like the plague any program where you keep 100% of the profits. The FTC and SEC will eventually be all over that. That is nothing but a money game. It cannot be justified, you are admitting the products are worthless by selling them for the cost of commission the rep fully keeps. "


Anonymous Tony Zayas said...

Hey Dave,

I agree with you on the importance of a good product, however, I'd say what is more important is the marketing...the perceived value. "You must convey the value," that's the key line in your post for newbies.



11/17/2007 06:40:00 PM  

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