20 November 2007

Why Consider YTB Travel?

YTB Travel Blog:
"In the face of recent news, with YTB Travel losing their IATA credentials many people may be wondering why they should consider YTB.

A good question deserves a really good answer.

While losing the credentials can seem like a big blow to YTB, the truth is that a successful company is bound to run into bumps in the road like this one. YTB's legal department is working feverishly to get everything straightened out.

This is just my personal opinion but when companies begin to break new ground in an industry, creating waves (as Your Travel Biz has done) there are bound to be issues and problems which arise as a result of the change taking place."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You drinking the YTB koolaid.
Go ask why the YTB owners are dumping off all their stock.
Your ship is sinking.

11/22/2007 03:47:00 PM  

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