23 November 2007

Health care sales and marketing

PR-USA.net :
"Health care sales - During a short 9 month period, Mark Jarvis was making as much residual income with this low cost dental plan as many people earned working full time. It was surely a nice cushioning to the ups and downs of the car business.

What Mark found was that with this low cost dental plan, people were actually staying on the plan and he was getting a residual commission on these dental plan members each and every month. It was clear that the income had potential to stack up.

In a short time, Mark was earning over $50k a year with the dental plan sales and recruiting and that was with or without additional effort. Seeing that this had great potential, Mark quit selling cars and began selling the Ameriplan dental plan full time. He wanted to be able to retire quickly with network marketing and so he made clear and defined goals for himself. "



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