21 November 2007

Winning with Waiora....

I was first introduced to Shelly when I started this page a couple of years ago. Back then, we traded a few links but I lost track of Shelly when I put this page on pause.
Well I am happy to report that Shelly is now authoring a new page and continues to share her valuable insights while building her new business.
When you head over to Shelly's site, be sure to tell her hello from me.

Waiora Blog:
"I have been in network marketing for nearly a dozen years. A short time ago, I was working with one of the popular juice companies, selling the tiny red berry in a bottle, and a dream of financial security. In January of this year a devastating report on a Canadian news channel about the 'doctor' representing our company changed my business overnight. I could have carried on and worked harder, indeed that is exactly what I did for a bit, but it became more obvious over time that in small communities in Canada, where memories are long, and shared over the clothesline, I perhaps was not going to have an easy time of building."



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