06 November 2007

Consumer Reports Finds Filter-Based Air Purifiers are Better Choice

Earth Times.org:
"Ozone generators, another type of purifier, are a growing part of the market. They create large amounts of ozone by design and claim to use it to purify the air.

Consumer Reports rated two such models --- the $850 EcoQuest Fresh Air and the $230 EdenPure Area ---

Not Acceptable because even at the generators' low everyday settings, their ozone production quickly exceeded the 50 parts per billion limit (ppb) set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for medical devices. Purifiers aren't considered medical devices by the FDA. Ozone concentrations in CR's test room measured about 650 to 990 ppb for the EdenPure, depending on the setting. The EcoQuest produced about 110 to 350 ppb at its normal and high settings, and up to 4,300 ppb at its 'away' settings, which the company says to use only when you and your pets aren't home. California recently banned the sale of ozone generators for most non-industrial uses, effective 2010, because of concerns about the health impacts of ozone."

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