05 November 2007

OceanGrown International Surfaces as Next Generation Lifestyle Brand

PR-USA.net :
"Emerging from Utah, the stronghold of the direct sales/network marketing industry, OceanGrown International (OGI) introduces itself as the company and brand to carry the business model forward. OGI provides distinct natural products based on the ocean's offering of algae, oils (EPA/DHA), seaweed, kelp, moss, sea salts calcium, coral and others through a unique fusion of retail and direct sales. The young executive team, formerly with other multi-million dollar supplement companies realizes the direct sales industry can no longer sustain itself on recruiting only, but must build a committed consumer base and offer competitively priced products with established research. 'OGI represents the way a direct sales company should operate,' said Kerry Brown, OGI President. 'We market the finest ocean-based natural products designed for retail, but sold direct to keep consumers on the go.' According to founding partner and vice president Travis Martin, OGI's product lines will be sold via independent representatives due to the educational power of word-of-mouth marketing and ease of purchase the direct sales model affords."

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Anonymous Rick said...

Ocean Grown International has to be one of the most exciting programs I've encountered. The right products, the right timing, and the right leadership.


4/02/2008 10:31:00 PM  
Blogger Drew said...

I agree with Rick. This company has learned many things from the industry of Network Marketing, good companies, bad companies, the Internet, etc., and they are NOT making some of the same mistakes we've seen happen in these arenas. Impressive company, great product, fantastic leadership.


4/03/2008 09:17:00 AM  

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