05 November 2007

‘Freedom Team’ Helps Net-Entrepreneurs with Free Advertising

Open Press:
"Finding extra income to supplement limited budgets is a major challenge for most people, and a group of MLM network marketing experts now offers a free service to help inexperienced people succeed at running an Internet business that runs like a vending machine. Jim Klaproth said he was looking for an opportunity to own a business on the Internet that would run itself with no involvement on his part. He joined the 'Freedom Team,' a group of MLM or network marketing work-at-home entrepreneurs who work together helping each other succeed. 'What I was looking for was a vending machine on the Internet that does everything so that I don't have to. This turns out to be better than a real vending machine because I don't have to stock it or make repairs. People visit the website, and they make a purchase without any interaction from me. I love to wake up in the morning and check my E-mail to see how much money I made while I was asleep,' said Klaproth. "


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