05 November 2007

MLM Travel Business vs. Affilliate Sites

Travel & Tourism Technology Trends:
"Alex Bainbrigde over at Travel UCD wrote about a company called Your Travel Business (YTB.com). I had heard about this MLM travel business a few years ago when it first started and I paid it very little heed. I am quite surprised that it has managed to last this long. To my surprise it is now publicly traded and boasts over $226 Million in sales in 2006. I have to admit however, that my perspective is ofcourse that of a technologist and not that of a laymen, so my review is strictly from a technologist's point of view. I reviewed the online booking system and I was quite surprised at what I found. I have included the link to the YTB member site that was mentioned in the Alex Bainbridge article and a link to the sample website offered by World Choice Travel, which is the booking platform that YTB uses for the bulk of their online functionality."



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