06 November 2007

The New-Age Of MLM

Promotion World:
"Traditional mlm as a sales device has been around for a very long time; however the success rate over the past couple of decades has customarily been low. Anyone who thinks taking on a networking program means the money will roll in automatically without any effort on their part is in for a big surprise. Network marketing can and does make money for some people, but inevitably these are the people who dedicate lots of time and effort to their marketing endeavors. In the days before the internet, network marketing was based heavily on cold calling, and warm market list building. Anyone who has spent four to six hours a day trying to sell a product or service over the telephone knows that this method of sales is frustrating and disappointment. Even the most skilled MLM Heavy Hitter will begin to have self doubts about their ability and/or product when they are consistently being hung up on or said no to."


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