29 October 2007

YTB Travel What’s The Difference, Then, Now, The Future MLM?

laura stallcup :
"Today I was asked in the context of YTB Travel, Whats the difference? What do I get for my five hundred ish dollars? Great questions. For many of us saying MLM immediately raises an eyebrow as we figure we are getting sold a crappy bill of goods. To best explain the difference I think its best to let you in on a little secret. I have done MLM twice before both in the early 90s. ITS TRUE! And you know what? Even though I paid my start-up fee, no one came to my house to buy anything. I say that with self-deprecating humor. I mean what the heck did I expect? Pretty much the stuff of dreams like everyone, I wanted to get a lot of money for little to no effort. There is no business today that you can sign up for where you pay a start-up fee and then sit back and collect money with no effort. The first business I signed up for didnt even have a product. I still shake my head at my own naivet when I look back. We are just about ready to have a product, what we are doing right now is training our agents the salesman said, And you have the opportunity to be one of the first when we have our product Whoohoooo."



Blogger RobertsResorts.Net said...

Live and learn grasshopper. Now you have all the product of the world, well done.

al Boek

10/31/2007 11:11:00 AM  

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