06 May 2008

Natural Health Trends Corp. Appoints Joe Wood as President of Its Northern Asia Markets

CNN Money
Natural Health Trends Corp. (NASDAQ: BHIP), an international direct-selling company, today announced that Joe Wood, currently President of NHT Global Korea, is appointed as the President of NHT Global, North Asia, and will now also oversee the Japanese market. In addition, Mr. Wood is expected to provide assistance on product development to the markets in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Mr. Wood joined the Company in 2002 as the president of the Korean subsidiary. As this was a new subsidiary, Mr. Wood was responsible for starting up the Korean operations from scratch. Over the next five years he built the Korean company into a solid, consumer- and product-based business, a microcosm of the Company's long-term business goal.

Chris Sharng, President of Natural Health Trends, said, "Joe has the experience and the proven track record to develop the kind of business that we envision as the future of the Company. The business model he has created in Korea is much in line with our long-term goals for all of our Company's markets. The Japanese subsidiary, after some costly false starts in 2005 and 2006, has been stable since early 2007. There is a great deal of synergy between the Korean and the Japanese markets in terms of membership growth, product development and consumer base increase."



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