25 February 2008

Your Upline: What Is The Value?

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Are you involved in an MLM program? If so, you have surely learned, or rather it has likely been drilled in that your ultimate success will lie in a large and hardworking downline. Indeed, it is a fact that MLM programs are structured in such a way that a large percentage of your long-term profits will ultimately be derived from a large and active downline.

However, what about your upline? To a large majority of MLM participants, their upline members and leaders most unfortunately, remain utter strangers. Why does this phenomenon occur? Many MLM participants are operating solely with dollar signs shimmering in their eyes, and in those eyes dollars will be derived from soliciting a growing downline and inspiring them to work.

Therefore, they are often likely thinking: what is the point in interacting with my upline if there is nothing in it for me? This logic is flawed, so much so, that it can absolutely damage one’s downline and stunt its success.

The vast majority of newcomers to an MLM business have NO prior experience in being self-employed. They read a few simple instructions about their program and go about the business of building their downline in an independent manner. However, unless they have highly trained themselves in the methods their downline should employ to make their business a success, they could easily lead their downline astray through disseminating misinformation and downright falsehoods to their downline. If your downline receives misleading, confusing, or erroneous information from you they will immediately lose their confidence in you and you will likely lose them as an Affiliate.



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