15 January 2008

The Pampered Chef MLM Opportunity

MLM and Network Marketing Guide:
"History was in the making when Doris Christopher founded The Pampered Chef out of her Chicago basement in 1980. Hoping to preserve her family meals with two growing daughters she wanted to be able to serve the needs of her children whilst being able to be there for them whenever they were home.

Her experience as a home economics teacher and her passion for entertaining friends led her to the idea of building a business with kitchen tools. Doris was inspired by her friends demands on wanting to know ere she got the “groovy” kitchen utensils from, whenever she would entertain and this resulted in The Pampered Chef being born.

After a relative slow start in the early years of the business the company snowballed to the extend of having to freeze new consultant recruitment in the early 1990’s due to logistic and back end problems. After a seven month freeze, the company snowballed and soon enough there were consultants in every state of the USA."



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