14 January 2008

Mannatech to Open Centralized-Management Office in Switzerland

CNN Money:
"Mannatech, Incorporated , a leading developer and provider of dietary supplements and skin care solutions, announced today it will open a management office in Switzerland to assist in maximizing international growth initiatives.

Scheduled to open during the first quarter of 2008, Mannatech Swiss International will help Mannatech strengthen its competitive position in Europe, Asia and other non-North American markets. Once fully developed, this centralized management team will be capable of responding more quickly to operational needs of Mannatech's burgeoning global markets in Asia and Europe.

'Global expansion is integral to Mannatech's strategic growth,' said Terry Persinger, Mannatech's president and CEO. 'Ultimately, Mannatech Swiss International will manage the day-to-day business needs of our growing non-North American markets and coordinate and oversee further global expansion.'"

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