04 January 2008

Avon Products, Inc. Partners with Suze Orman

Fox Business:
"Avon Products, Inc. announced today a special partnership with Suze Orman, renowned personal finance expert, award winning television host and best-selling author. Ms. Orman will work with Avon to advance their shared missions to provide financial empowerment to women around the world. In this capacity, she will serve as a Special Personal Finance Advisor to the Avon Representatives to offer money management advice and strategies for success. A first of its kind in the direct selling industry, the program will launch this month to the company's nearly 500,000 Avon Representatives in the U.S., with plans to expand globally in the future.

"At Avon, we truly believe that the single most effective way to create positive change in the world is by helping to improve the lives of women everywhere," said Andrea Jung, Avon's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "For over a century -- thirty-four years before women won the right to vote -- Avon has been providing women the opportunity to earn money and achieve economic independence. Suze shares our deep commitment to empower women, and working together, we can form a powerful partnership to continue to advance this important agenda."

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