04 January 2008

Agel Enterprises CEO Glen Jensen Joins The CEO Council For The WFDSA

openPR.com :
"Recognized as a world leader in suspension gel technology for nutritional supplements, Utah-based Agel Enterprises announced CEO and Founder Glen Jensen joined the CEO Council for the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations.

Jensen accepted the invitation to join the CEO council and will join the ranks of CEOs from established direct selling companies such as Avon, NuSkin and Mary Kay. The council consists of CEOs from the leading multinational direct selling companies and is the main governing body of the WFDSA.

β€œIt really is a great honor to be asked to join the CEO Council only after two years of operation and rub shoulders with the leading CEOs in our industry,” said Jensen. β€œI am privileged to represent Agel employees, team members and those associated with Agel at these council meetings.”"

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