11 December 2007

RBC Life Sciences Names John W. Price President

Business Wire:
"RBC Life Sciences today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed John W. Price to the position of President of the company and member of the Board of Directors.

“We feel very fortunate to obtain the leadership of an executive whose background is so perfectly suited to the entire business spectrum of RBC, both domestically and internationally,” stated Clinton Howard, Founder and CEO of RBC Life Sciences. “Currently, over 50 percent of our business is outside North America, and John’s experience in international business should help us to further expand overseas. Additionally, I feel that our subsidiary, MPM Medical, will benefit substantially from John’s in-depth experience in marketing of medical device products.”

Prior to joining RBC Life Sciences, Mr. Price served as a senior executive for two major companies that market nutritional supplements similar to the core business of RBC. Additionally, Mr. Price led a successful management consulting company and spent 17 years as a senior officer at Eli Lilly, five years of which he supervised the company’s branch office in Italy."

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