11 December 2007

Child Shield U.S.A. Educates, Protects, Offers Parents Peace of Mind

"Child Shield U.S.A. offers parents the protection of its unique Videotape Registration Service. Unlike a still photograph or a fingerprint, a properly prepared Identification Videotape provides so much more to go on when searching for a missing child. Characteristics of voice, manner and motion can greatly improve the likelihood that someone may have seen the child. Such a recollection could lead to a reunion of child and family.

Along with an array of high-quality educational materials for parent and their children, the Videotape Registration Service Kit includes details on how to prepare an effective Identification Videotape using their own camcorder (or, if need be, one borrowed from a friend). The completed videotape is then mailed to Child Shield U.S.A. in the provided pre-addressed mailer. The videotape is archived by Child Shield U.S.A. and registered by a secret code number known only to the parents.

If a registered child is reported missing, Child Shield U.S.A. will immediately begin producing duplicates of the videotape. Then through Child Shield's unique distribution network, the tape will be provided to Law Enforcement Agencies in all 50 states, State and National Missing Persons Organizations and the F.B.I. Child Shield U.S.A. will also distribute copies of the tapes to a variety of Nationally Syndicated and Network Television News Programs."

In the interest of full disclosure, I am involved with the Child Shield program.



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