01 December 2007

Learn The Secrets Of Melaleuca Success

"One of the most common myths spreading like wild fire throughout network marketing companies like Melaleuca is that “Anyone can do this business!” Other statements made by MLM companies promise a huge return in a relatively short time frame and this promotes the same thought, but it’s all a sham! The belief that anyone can achieve great success without any type of experience or skills is sadly mistaken and worse yet it’s the distributors that pay the price for this huge mistake!

Here’s the truth. Not all network marketers are created equal. Melaleuca, Inc. distributors need to understand that people are inherently different and each of us begins our home based business at different starting points. Some people come in with skills and financial resources where others lack and just because someone else in the business makes $20,000 per month doesn’t mean that everyone will do this."



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