29 November 2007

Inside Fanista

I spent a little time looking over the new Fanista site today. The site is still in beta and many of the promised elements are not yet active. Nevertheless, I enrolled for three reasons.

1. It was free!
2. I am genuinely curious to see how Alticor will make this profitable.
3. It was free!

Here's a little explanation of how members can make/save money from this service.

When you register for Fanista, you will have the opportunity to sign up for CIC, or Common Interest Commerce (you must be 18 years or older). The following information provides an overview of CIC.

What's this CIC thing all about?

Think about how much you and your friends spend on entertainment every year. Now, imagine if you could earn money - and even get discounts - on all of these purchases.

That's what signing up for CIC (much easier than always saying Common Interest Commerce) will let you do.

It doesn't cost a thing to join. There's no secret handshake. No meetings to attend. Just a chance to earn some money doing what you already do - sharing and feeding your passion for entertainment.

CIC earnings can come in three different ways:
5% of the purchases by people you refer
5% of the purchases by people they refer
5% discount on everything you buy

Offering the chance to participate in CIC lets us acknowledge and share the great value you � and all our members � help create. In some ways, it's like many other "refer-a-friend" programs you've probably seen. Only CIC goes much further, giving you the chance to build what is essentially your own personal entertainment business.

When someone you refer to Fanista first buys on the site, they will have a chance to enter your username as the person who invited them in. (You'll want to make sure they know your username before they go to purchase something.) This person becomes your "DownLink." You are their "UpLink."

Did I mention it was free?

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