30 November 2007

New Goji Juice Management Team Acquires Control of Gojiisbetter.com

PR Leap:
"Cheryl Church, a Freelife Royal Ambassador, announced at a luncheon today the redesign and relaunch of GojiIsBetter.com. She says, “We came to terms with the previous website owner and we are officially relaunching the redesigned website on December 1st, 2007.” Cheryl describes the redesign process as “grueling” and thanks the website design company who was “a tremendous help.”

The new design is already attracting interest. Business partner Matt Deater says, “Studies show our new design elements should increase the customer conversion rate about 600%” and “I’m very excited about this website helping us reach many new customers.” Cheryl, looking to the future, stated “I believe very strongly in international expansion. Our business plan in 2008 calls for a summer-time expansion into the UK and German markets.”"



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