15 December 2007

Is it direct selling or direct buying?

Unicity Health Supplements & a Home based Networking Business:
"Many people have a misconception that MLM is direct selling, when in fact, it is direct buying. Let me explain...

Direct selling is like selling cars, insurance, unit trusts and houses. You only get paid 100% off your own efforts. And the day you stop selling or working in your job, the income stops. That's direct selling of products or of your time.

Direct buying is simply showing others why you have a better product or service that people can save money buying direct, and getting paid off the efforts of teaching others also how to promote and recommend the products you have."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly! The Network Marketing business model is very simple. I have direct sales experience, as I once worked at a car dealer - it was tough! I am now involved with several MLM programs, and I find that working them is much easier than selling cars ever was :)

12/16/2007 07:27:00 PM  

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