14 December 2007

FreeLife International: CEO Message

Knoxville Goji Team:
"While all the meetings were excellent, the meeting in the Philippines was truly historic. With over 2500 people in attendance, it was the largest international event we have ever had in the history of FreeLife! I cannot begin to express the level of passion, hope, and excitement that was felt by all who were in attendance at that meeting. And they all came there for one reason: to celebrate the incredible impact FreeLife and Himalayan Goji Juice is having in that wonderful country. Many thanks and congratulations to all the great Leaders throughout Asia who made this tour a wonderful success!

Let me also congratulate everyone around the world for making 2007 our fourth straight record year. Very few companies ever get to experience the kind of run we are on, and we feel so blessed to have Leaders like you taking the good news of Himalayan Goji Juice around the world faster than we ever imagined."



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