15 December 2007

Mona-vie Has Taken Hollywood By Storm

Canyon News:
"Recently, a friend named Rene' Thurston contacted me and told me of a wonderful new product that has made a difference in the lives of her family and friends. I hear a lot of things in Tinseltown, but few things that I actually believe and even fewer do I feel compelled to write about. Though tabloid reporting means you fill pages so that you can sell ADS, real journalism is something those of us involved take seriously. So I receive packages in the mail on a daily basis. Press kits for up and coming stars, gifts from studios, invitations from A-List Celebrities looking to promote their new projects or even a pet charity. But when the bottles of Monavie arrived from Rene', a wonderful friend whom I met through a mutual acquaintance, Christopher Atkins, I thought, better see what is inside this box."



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