09 November 2007

IBOAI Board & Quixtar Partner for Success

"'This was probably the best Board meeting I've attended in 20 years,' said Jim Janz, Chairman of the IBOAI, following the Association's October Board meeting. 'Board members and other IBO leaders worked in real partnership with our counterparts at Quixtar and Alticor.'

Doug DeVos, Steve Van Andel, Jim Payne, Steve Lieberman, and other members of Quixtar and Alticor staff all made presentations and answered even the toughest questions posed to them by Board members on topics ranging from the future use of the Amway Global brand in North America to product pricing, QBI, and accreditation. Corporate reps, again and again, demonstrated a willingness to be flexible on both method and message.

'We focused on the solutions, and we accomplished a great deal that will be reflected in what all IBOs hear and see from Quixtar and from us in the weeks and months ahead,' said Janz."



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