08 November 2007

10 Secrets to Success in Network Marketing

Network Marketing Tricks:
"1. There are no secrets

It might sound like a cop out just to fill out this list but this point is key, there really are no secrets to succeeding with Kleeneze or any other Network Marketing business. All of the knowledge that you need in order to build a profitable business are freely available. Whether in books, at meetings, or from your sponsor, everything you need to know is there for you – you just need to know where to look and who to ask.

It continues to amaze me how, in this business, people are willing to help each other. You wouldn’t go to a Microsoft conference and expect to see an executive from Apple or Novell giving a talk. In Kleeneze however, cross network training is commonplace with the sentiment that ‘what is good for Kleeneze is good for the network’. This mindset fosters a real sense of camaraderie and team spirit which helps to drive the business forward. Information is freely available and so next time you want to know something just ask. Whether upline or crossline someone with more experience than yourself will be happy to give you the answers."

It is ironic that a site named Network Marketing Tricks would be the source to tell us there are no secrets to becoming successful in Network Marketing.


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