07 November 2007

Does Your Local Referral Marketing Need A Boost?

Musser Online Income Reviews:
"Most business strategy minded owners and managers know that one of the most successful ways to grow and significantly improve any business is through referral marketing. Yet surprisingly, when asked what most business owners do to guarantee a steady stream of referrals, are hard pressed to give a good answer. Referral marketing is the most powerful, cost-effective to targeted marketing a business can do to stay alive.

SendOutCards is a custom personalized marketing tool and takes the guesswork out of attracting new prospects from referrals, converting them to customers and turning them into an on-going income stream for the life of a business. Studies have proven that businesses which develop and use a personal referral marketing campaign out perform those that don’t by well over 30%. One reason a business may not have a consistent local marketing plan in place is because of the cost, time and work involved. SendOutCards resolves these issues plus so much more! "


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