09 November 2007

Comparing Eniva’s Vibe with other Juice Products

Eniva Vibe Blog:
"Health and well-being is one of the biggest growth areas in Network Marketing today. From healthy eating to exercise and nutrition, making sure you’re at the peak of well-being is now an important issue for people. This is particularly true when it comes to health drinks, or liquid supplements.

Although nutritionists advise you to eat so many vegetables per day, and have a minimum amount of fruit per day, it’s often easier said than done. To this end, health drinks and liquid supplements have become increasingly popular amongst people looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. Products like Eniva Vibe, Xango, and Ningxia Berry Young are leading the way in this field. But are all liquid supplements healthy for you?

When Nutrition is not 100% Nutrition"



Blogger luis mac said...

I have beem wondering the same thing. Another supplement to add to this never ending list is VitaComplete by vitabase. Are these supplements what they seem.

Many people say they are.


1/23/2008 11:04:00 AM  

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