14 February 2009

Amway Selects Mzinga for MyBestSize.com Community

Mzinga, the leader in business social media and learning solutions for the workplace, marketplace, and extended enterprise, today announced that Amway has chosen Mzinga's social media platform to power one of its online communities, MyBestSize.com.

MyBestSize is a member-driven community for Amway Global's Independent Business Owners (IBO), consumers and employees to connect, inspire and motivate those interested in weight loss or weight management. The community allows participants to learn from experts, share experiences and ask and answer questions through blogs, journals and discussion forums.

"At Amway, the best relationships with our customers and IBOs have been through face-to-face communications. As our business moved more digital and online, designing a community was the best way to reach our goals," said Seth Starner, business innovations manager at Amway. "We selected Mzinga as our provider because they understood what we wanted out of our community and were able to help us to build, manage and grow MyBestSize.com. Mzinga not only provided the expertise we needed, but they are, and continue to be, active participants."



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