12 February 2009

New MLM Business Taps Into Adult Industry Market

Final Income Group announces the launch of the first ever adult multi-level marketing program, the AllXClub, that allows entrepreneurs to tap into the $100 billion adult industry market.

This is truly a recession-proof business, the owners say, because when the economy is at its worst, people need an escape, and the products available at the AllXClub give them those avenues.

“The bottom line is that sex sells,” the owners states. “Never before has there been a way to make a huge profit from the adult industry without participating in it. This is a product that can sell all over the world; it’s truly global, and one that will never go out of style.”

The AllXClub already has a captive and growing market. Adult internet sites are some of the most popular online. In fact, an estimated one in seven mouse clicks is bringing people to adult sites and 40 percent of all adults say they have visited an adult site, the owners say.

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